So, what am I about?

interaction designer. avid learner. coffee chugger.

Meaningful, inclusive, and accessible design are my passions. ūü§ü
Storytelling is another one.

I'm a senior pursuing Interaction Design at the University of Washington. Last summer, I was a UX design intern on the Amazon Selling Partner Experiences team for Seller Central. Currently, I am designing at Crip Riot to bring disability pride into the world. 

I believe that designing with empathy and a focus on users' needs and desires are key to effective and beautiful solutions. As a deaf person, I've seen how design and technologies are tools that can drastically shape people's actions and lives, both beneficially as well as harmfully. I want to carefully design products that empower all users, particularly those with disabilities. 

I love to explore 
‚ÄĒ¬†whether that is within design, art history, cultures, how people work, how our environment develops, beyond my comfort zone, and more. As a curious mind, I love to keep learning and growing!¬†

I'm open for chats, a smooth cold brew, and any opportunity that comes my way. Let's get in touch!

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