Length          12 weeks 
Role              UX Design Intern
Team             Amazon Selling Partner Experiences Design Team      

For my summer internship, I worked with the SPX design systems team to define a new messaging experience and design patterns for efficient international communication between buyers and sellers. I contributed to the global design patterns playbook to guide Seller Central product teams to implement a global selling experience. With my buyer-seller messaging case study, I researched and prototyped designs with 90% seller satisfaction in concept validation studies. 
Unfortunately, I will not be able to divulge details about my internship work due to an NDA at this time.
This internship challenged my ability to navigate ambiguity both in a problem space and working with stakeholders. It taught me that communication, a bias for action, and ownership are key to driving momentum to overcome moments of confusion and lack of clear direction. Working with a design systems team that took Amazon's customer obsession leadership principle very seriously also taught me how to invent and simplify design experiences, and to reach higher standards both for myself and for my users. 

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